EMOST Therapy

Professional information about EMOST neurological procedure


Basic information -2020 EMOST-MED-2020 ENG (PDF, 5 MB)

In our procedure the body heals by itself. We are able to connect the body’s regulators in such a way, that allows the system to regenerate itself by using its own resources. The EMOST procedure can potentiate the cellular metabolism, detection and immune processes in a natural way through the electric- and electromagnetic signals coming from the body’s own range. By doing that it helps the biochemical homeostasis to recover, and helps for the neurovegetative system in signal transmission and signal recognising.

The EM-Own Signal Therapy is non-invasive, no chemical input, its principle is the body’s non-defence mechanism, doesn’t use any artificial electric- and electromagnetic signals under sessions, this natural based signal can guarantee extreme low risks, because it works under the natural range of the body. It also improves efficiency by better coherence.

Advanced high technology

“After the decade of computer science, come the decades of bioinformatics.” Bill Gates

“Our method applies the self-recognition and self-regulation of the human body. We are able to hold a clear, bioinformatic mirror to the body, that leads the organism to recognize its regulatory processes and to bring the body in the best shape, using its genetic reserves to the best of its abilities.” Attila Dr. Erdőfi-Szabó


  1. Process based on a Nobel Prize-winning study (Ragnar Granit, 1965/1995).
  2. Medically registered, scientifically published (PUBMED).
  3. Certified (CE Health Care device, CE Medical Device in 2012-2014.).
  4. Patentable unique technology, own production.
  5. 18 years of research, development and clinical tests, that are relevant in daily practices.
  6. One-time, within 5-10 hours on average, it alters the functioning of the organism and its health abilities.
  7. Changes in condition are detectable objectively right after the treatments, with any academic/medical or alternative examination.
  8. Biofeedback method, no contraindications, no harmful side effects, no overload. Can be applied with cardiac pacemakers and during pregnancy.
  9. Simple operability, user-friendly, technical guarantee of 15,000 hours of operation.
  10. Official partner to renowned medical institutions, certified results from military, civilian and professional sport areas.
  11. Kosher standard, and OIC Halal standard safe, EN ISO CE standard.
  12. Expected market advantage: 8-15 years.


Identify the biological causes behind a disease, find the solution, then create the device:

Our devices, and genetical upgrades of indications (2003-2020)

EMOST feedback Psyche

Sleep disorder, anxiety, panic attack, depression, PTSD –after COVID-stress too, aggression, concentration disorder, stuttering, epilepsy, autism, SEN (special education needs), burnout, sclerosis multiplex, and Parkinson-tremor

EMOST feedback Cardio

Arrhythmia, tachycardia, ischemia, chronic dyspnea, rehabilitation after myocardial infarction *applicable on patients with pacemakers

EMOST feedback Digestion

Irritable bowel syndrome, Crohn’s disease, chronic stomach cramps (neurosis), chronic gastric ulcer, liver diseases, diabetes mellitus, chronic constipation, and chronic hemorrhoid

EMOST feedback Neuro-endocrine

Hyperthyroidism, hypothyroidism, menstrual disorders, hormonal disorders, fertility, menopause, PMS, prostate, psychoneurotic immune disorders, and body sensing and stimuli loss disorders

EMOST feedback Skeleton

Neck and spinal cord pain, waist and lower leg pain, spinal disk herniation rehabilitation, spinal nerve injury, neurodegeneration, muscular dystrophy, muscle coordination, movement development, and stroke rehabilitation

EMOST feedback Boost

Stamina and vital capacity improvement, performance enhancement, wound healing and immunity boosting, stem cell formation increase, and anti-aging