EMOST Therapy

Professional information about EMOST neurological procedure

emost-301Hormonal, chemical, immune and perception processes are ongoing, regeneration is reducing, and the health potential of the organism is deteriorating under stress in emergency mode. The EMOST Electro Magnetic Own Signal Treatment™ works as shock wave therapy (EMOST know-how) and assists to overcome the dead point.

brain-activity-zonas-loni.ucla.eduSensor/regulating stimuli of different signal density are received (EMOST know-how) from the free nerve endings of the skin surface of the subject and they are connected (EMOST know-how), variations (EMOST know-how) and slightly changed modifications are made (EMOST know-how) and then are returned through another free nerve ending zone. The thus returned stimulus directly reaches the neurovegetative and central nervous system where ad-hoc self test is made enforcing by this the regulating system for immediate review and ad-hoc coordination of the processes. Since the received and returned signals remain natural own signals in their content and dynamics and electro-chemical interference also occurs, the retransmitted own energy has enough redundancy to overcome the dead point and to regain balance.

emost sessionThe coordination of the body processes improves the efficiency of the information system of the organism (spreading of neuro-transmitters, operation of synapse), the evoked potential changes contribute to keeping the electro-chemical processes of the body in balance (redox state) and the method as a whole facilitates the replacement of regenerations failed due to the stress and also contributes to spontaneous restoration and keeping of the balance state and even to the improvement of abilities.

In our procedure the body heals by itself. We are able to connect the body’s regulators in such a way, that allows the system to regenerate itself by using its own resources. The EMOST procedure can potentiate the cellular metabolism, detection and immune processes in a natural way through the electric- and electromagnetic signals coming from the body’s own range. By doing that it helps the biochemical homeostasis to recover, and helps for the neurovegetative system in signal transmission and signal recognising.

The EM-Own Signal Therapy is non-invasive, no chemical input, its principle is the body’s non-defence mechanism, doesn’t use any artificial electric- and electromagnetic signals under sessions, this natural based signal can guarantee extreme low risks, because it works under the natural range of the body. It also improves efficiency by better coherence.

We could effectively treat diseases such as:

anxiety, fear, panic attacks, inhibition, psychic stress related (mental) diseases, epilepsy, depression, lethargy, burn-out, stress-related allergie, sleep disorders, cardiovascular diseases, arrhythmia, asthma bronchial, chronic shortness of breath, phantom limb pain and amputee rehabilitation, rehabilitation of Post-Traumatic Stress Diseases, allowance of risks in implantation, chronic stomach cramps, irritable intestine syndrome, cognitive difficulties, bulimia, chronic constipation, incontinency, potency, conception difficulties, Happy Coctail antidepressant, Maxi Vital vitality, and Olympic sessions.


How often, how many treatments or what kind of treatments can be necessary by EMOST in a given disease.

flow-of-trteatmentAs the medical intervention is done by the subject’s own functional signals, the body records the correction process, and can later reproduce it on its own (eh. immune-memory) may in years.session