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The EMOST therapy references short (PDF) (1826)

The EMOST therapy, leaflet, 2020 EMOST-MED-2020 ENG (PDF, 5 MB)

EMOST Phantompain results (PDF) (1705)

EMOST therapy Amp Rehab -ENG (PDF) (1659)

“As we have reported in the magazine Electromagnetic Biology and Medicine, we found that patients treated with our method are needed smaller proportion of reamputation so the positive results exist, thus long-term effects can be assumed. According to our experience we have gained so far, the EMOST method and equipment is considered a promising method because of its beneficial and spectacular impact on the nervous system, the conductivity and the post traumatic stress.”

 EMOST Publication Disaster and Commando training-EBM (PDF) (1691)

Some datas of neurological (brain) and neurological associated disorders in Europe (PDF) (1548)

EMOST method and neurological (brain) and neurological associated disorders (PDF) (1654)

Medical Radiology Research Institute of Russian Federation, Obninsk, Russia, (web) in-vivo stem cell experiments with rats (mesenchymal and neural stem cells, chromosomic state changing, researcher Mr. Anatoly G. Konoplyannikov) 2013

EMOST therapy Antiterrorists-ENG (PDF) (1549)

“Referring to your report of 15 November 2011 concerning the efficiency of EMOST treatments on the staff taking part in the training program for special units during the period of 4-7 October 2011, I congratulate you on the achieved results.”

EMOST Honved ep. ARMY Insurance-ENG (PDF) (1697)

“Additional ARMY Independent Voluntary Health Insurance Fund was launched in March 1996 as a sector insurance and it has been opened as publicly found since 2005. The number of institutional employers are over 100, who are paying their employer contribution. The fund’s largest employer is the Ministry of Defence. The membership of health fund exceeds 30,000 people. We have had a health service contract between our Health Service and Your Company for around three years, to provide the preventive care, screening, and health needs of our members. During the last period of the staff took health services, which included medical tests after developing Personal Health Plans and treatments.

 The treatments aimed at health prevention and rehabilitation, mainly:

– to improve physical well-being
– improving vital capacity
– treating post-traumatic stress
– other e.g. wound healing, digestion, allergies, pain relief

 Recently many of our members took advantage of the advanced services.of your Health Service. Our members consider the service appropriate, effective and they are still being used.”

EMOST therapy SWAT NATO CEMM -Dr-Balazs (PDF) (1544)

EMOST-biophysical treatments to reduce the risk of aggressive behaviour in prisons 2013 by Bókkon-1 (PDF) (1776)

The EMOST publications (PDF) (1708)



Changes in condition are detectable objectively right after the treatments, with any academic/medical or alternative examination. The effectiveness of our method is verifiable with all independent medical examination processes; success references cited here are reproducible in every independent medical environment.

EMOST™ Testimonies, publications, some medical declarations:

The EMOST-publications-and-med-declarations_opt_opt-web (PDF)

“Experience at arrival to the third treatment is typically decrease of mood swings and increasing comfort, so the third, fourth and fifth treatment is carried out in the previously standardized way, in weekly rhythm, and then I check the changes of status. After the series of treatments subjects are usually in a more favourable steady state compared to that before the treatment, their stress level has considerably improved, the level of dopamine and cortisol is typically better, symptoms of dispnea has considerably decreased, their mood and vitality has gotten better which they usually attribute to the treatments. In my opinion this method of treatment proves to be really effective in the treatment of stress which has remarkable guarding and preventive effect in point of stress risks and their adverse effects. Dr.B.S.”

“According to my experience improvement of homeostasis can be well demonstrated in the changes of status, significantly occurring improving measured values (circular efficiency, improvement of heart function, decrease of metabolic disorders) and improving well-being of subjects. In my opinion this series of treatments can greatly improve the chance of healing, regenerational ability, decreasing risks and adverse effects so in case of accumulated complaints this method can greatly improve the results of other therapies. Dr.B.S.”


ve3s“I got acquainted with the proprietary development method of BioLabor in 2007, and I have been a devotee of it since then. Based on my experience of several hundreds of patients I can say this self-regeneration stimulating method (EMOST) can be really useful for both the science of medicine and patients. I am convinced that human beings can heal themselves just as they can make themselves ill. This method works as a mirror. It seems it can confront the body with the ongoing biological processes, so it can facilitate re-checking of processes being behind the regeneration pace, self-regulation, self-recovery, homeostasis, and this is a great success. Dr.M.T.”

1-emost-treatment36In case of sleeping disturbance, insomnia (267 subjects) 4-5 treatments, carried out with a weekly frequency, are typically enough to reduce chronic problems remarkably, or to cease them. After the first, second treatment subjects experience improvement of their mood, a favourable change in their psychological state, improved metabolic process, and balanced circadian rhythm. After the completion of treatments their complaints are significantly reduced, typically ceased, their social and interpersonal relations get normal. According to my experience subjects preserve the state they reached also in the long run after the series of treatments, or rather their state often even improves after the series of treatments. Dr. V.H.”

I case of persistent mood disorder, lethargy (307 subjects) During my experience subjects get to the status of persistent mood disorder and lethargy in conjunction with metabolic and regulational disorders. Complaints are accompanied by sleeping disorders and also characterized by digestive, elimination disorders. I always start the treatments with stress relieving treatment, then I carry out both the sleeping disorder and digestive program once. Based on the experience gained during these treatments I follow the treatments with mood disorder and Happy Cocktail program, typically 4-5 times on a weekly basis. Based on the last years the method is exceptionally indicated in such cases, subjects usually give an account of stable favourable changes, their drug addiction is considerably reduced, their social relations improve, their psychological status gets normal. It belongs to my opinion while the equipment helps to get over the “dead point” , it is also necessary to settle the root causes, but then this method gives an appropriate psychological method. Dr. V.H.”

Incontinence, elimination disorders (156 subjects) The service of Biolabor’s equipment provided in this field reaches success in such an area where there is no real alternative. Subjects usually arrive with several parallel symptoms, psychological/mood disorders, sleeping disorders, neurological overload and in many cases drug overload that have an effect on the sensitivity to stimuli, steroidal regulation, resistance. I always start the treatments with stress relieving treatment, then I carry out the series of incontinence treatment which means altogether 4 occasions on a weekly basis. In case the expected result is late during the treatment then I supplement it with stress relieving treatment and sleeping disorder program, so typically the expected favourable result can be achieved by 2-3 further treatments. In case of elimination disorders (chronic constipation) after 2-3 targeted treatments the equipment usually helps the regulation, correction of peristalsis, intestinal mucosa, hydration, reducing complaints by self-regulation. Dr. V.H.”

iringo“Iringó Ingrid Tankó 14th Nov 2009 brain damage at birth, (birth stroke), birth hypoxia, muscle, Pier Robin syndrome diagnosed at the age of 2 months. Breathing, muscular spasm, visual and audial reflex, lack of pharyngeal reflex, pulmonary atrophy, faint, hardly viable status. Experience until now: Parents: “Her breathing is calmer, her eye-sight is better, better reaction to stimuli. The hearing reflex improved, she reacts even from 2 meter far. There is no change in pharyngeal reflex. Her parents reckon the apperance of visual-audial reflex as a really favourable change. Her mood is better, the need of creating relationships appeared. Her mother is reading and after her song she seems to express pleasure, her grasp became stronger. According to the child’s physician, Dr. Julcsi Seres, the symptoms of muscle atrophy is not detectable, no change can be perceived in the coordination of the limbs. Holding of the head and neck appeared for a short time, 5 minutes continuously, she can hold it again after a short rest. Her defecation improved, its consistence improved, being attributed to tasting on the tongue as well. The result of moving the child on the ground is that she can roll around alone for almost an hour which she likes. It can be declared that her fitness, concentration, mood and abilities have greatly improved since the treatments carried out by EMOST, ‘it can be regarded as GREAT result compared to the beginning’. The parents stated that the family got a chance to step over the dead point of shock and hopelessness.  Dated: Sepsiszentgyörgy 05.08.2011.”

almeri“Recovery from stigmatic double consciousness after nine years. Anamnesis: Twenty-four year old man (resident of Siófok), double consciousness diagnosed nine years ago, subdepression, superficial injuries of stigmatic characteristic on the skin below the shoulder blades, furthermore signs of other injuries not caused by himself (medical evidence), constant nightmares, asocialization, chlophobia, living alone with his mother, declared to be unemployable due to psychological causes. During personal consultation he has a distant look, he is under the effects of antidepressants, avital, of weak concentration, his manifestations indicate increased sensitivity to stimuli while evoking his experiences. …. Today, on 15th September 2010 we could present the story of a cured person, his release of stigmatic double consciousness and bipolar depression, ochlophobia, with the application of electromagnetic own signal therapy (EMOST) of BioLabor (Dr.Erdőfi-Szabo), with contribution of subject and parents, with common success and delight. Prof. Dr. Á. V.”



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