SARS-2 Covid-19 special DNA/RNA feedback program

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deskNext Generation Healthcare is based on a healthy person who is responsible for their own health, with the hospital stepping in only when they are no longer able to care for themselves. The responsibility of the individual is therefore increased, and the value of health is monetised. EMOST GEN-X, a feedback bioinformatics process registered in medicine in 2011, maximises health performance without the involvement of external factors. Now in its 21st year, the method is gaining ground worldwide, with almost five hundred and seventy thousand satisfied clients who know that getting ourselves in top shape and living the longest without dependencies is the best investment for the future. 

Material-specific feedback is the future…

EMOST GEN-X (Magron)

ElectroMagnetic Own Signal Treatment (EMOST) is a next generation, material-specific feedback procedure that triggers self-refreshment in the body. The spectra of the substances (vaccine, cell, tissue, hormone, etc.) placed in the mass spectrometer are obtained and then programmed into the device in tabular form. When we treat, we analogue the whole live spectrum system of the Subject and then select in real-time from our spectrum table the substance(s) (antibody, cell, tissue, hormone, DNA/RNA, etc.) we want to feedback. 

The live spectrum of the selected substance is extracted (sensed) from the Subject’s own set (EM-Own-Signal know-how), and then the targeted specific spectrum signal is transmitted back to the subject, which triggers the feedback mechanism at all points of the organism where the substance spectrum is functional (up to 3200 live biological elements simultaneously – EMOST know-how). The DNA and/or RNA of the cells of a specific organ can be self-monitored in the same way as the presence or activity of hormones or immune cells. If we associate the RNA/DNA sequence to the selected organ/biological process, its genetic library is also re-read. If, during the material-gene specific feedback, the system finds a better or genetic basis/healthy regulatory pattern instead of the current one requiring compensation, the system will use it according to the rules of homeostasis and will automatically correct. This is how genome memory can help to maintain health, in the peak genetic form of the subject, child or adult. 

EMOST is a registered (2011) feedback bioinformatics process in medical science, and medicine that maximises health potential without the involvement of external factors, so that a healthy person is the basis for Next Generation Healthcare.   

Cheers to your health!


Sars2-Covid19-treatment-emergency-emost-med-comThe SARS-2 COVID19 virus strain reprograms the oxygen-carrying capacity of haemoglobin in the blood of living organisms (from 64 molecules to about 42-45 molecules), resulting in abnormal deep-level oxygen deprivation, pneumonia and subsequent organ and tissue inflammation, which can be fatal. The virus also reduces the number and ability of platelets, the blood cells that reduce and prevent organ and tissue damage (see our scientific discovery, which was published in the History of Medicine on 15.06.2021 and in the medical journal Current Medical Chemistry). 

The special DNA/RNA feedback program of the EMOST GEN-X device, designed for this morphology (also according to our experience based on hundreds of people), can naturally, by inspired/triggered RNA feedback, in 1-3 hours, recall, ‘reset’ to an anatomical and genetic baseline, the function of the two main factors ‘reprogrammed’ by the virus, which are key to reducing the risk of death during infection and to maintaining and regaining health during Post-COVID Syndrome.