Spontaneous recovery recorders of the past decade

The miracle factory

14. September 2014 – by BT in Health

Based on the statistics of the European Union, illnesses originating from the nervous system are the primary causes of death in the region. The number of people suffering from chronic stress, anxiety, sleep disorders and other neurological diseases is about 160 million.

Anxiety and its consequences – heart disease, diabetes, digestive disorders, stroke, as well as such social problems as domestic violence, divorce, disability, drug use and suicide – can all be the result of an overloaded nervous system. Since this condition of the psyche impacts the patient’s personal relationships, it presents a significant burden for those living in their vicinity, which causes the risk to increase throughout society.

This is why the spread of nervous exhaustion needs to be stopped, and new methods must be found to reduce this escalating risk. Bioelectrochemistry could be a new road to walk for medicine.

A team of Hungarian and international researchers and engineers has based a new method on the physiological processes of sleep. We know that the body regenerates itself every day. You are tired, go to bed at night and wake up rested in the morning. You get strength despite the fact that you do not provide your body with any energy. How does this happen? All of this is based on the reorganisation of Self Signs, the team’s director, Attila Erdőfi-Szabó, said. During the calm state of sleep the nervous system is able to synchronise the chemical, physical and psychological processes again, which makes the body calm, organised, strong and fresh by morning.

Recognition and use of Self Signs in self-correction is the know-how of the team. These are basically electrochemical signals governing the body. One hundred years after their discovery we are able to see the electrical potential of the body’s chemical processes on electrocardiogram (ECG) and EEG waves, said the director, adding that as time passes and technology evolves, the electronics become more sophisticated, which provide the basis for further steps.

The first-generation device developed ten years ago was able to provide physiological treatments, now the special machinery can be used for more specific purposes. In recent years, the team has achieved considerable success in the field of sustaining the health of the nervous system. The comfort one has after two 60-minute treatments significantly improves, and the results are permanent.

The relaxed state has beneficial effects on the body’s chemical balance, physical performance and immune processes. The new method actually helps to sort out and harmonise the psychological and biochemical processes, similarly to how the conductor manages the orchestra, or the sound engineer organises music. This entirely new method was tested in the world’s most advanced biophysics institute in Obninsk. Live animal trials revealed a significant increase in stem cell production, which could decrease recovery time and the risk of complications with a limited number of treatments.

Over the past years the team of medical experts experienced sustained success in treatment of illnesses as well. The method using factors of self-regeneration achieved miraculous results in cases of epilepsy, sleep disorders, fear and hyperactivity in children. By supporting the physical and psychological balance, the device may even help support the work of military and emergency response units. For the next year the aim of the manufacturer and developer team is to integrate the product in the European Union’s healthcare system, to enhance the well-being of citizens.