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14. September 2014 – by BT in Health

Based on the statistics of the European Union, illnesses originating from the nervous system are the primary causes of death in the region. The number of people suffering from chronic stress, anxiety, sleep disorders and other neurological diseases is about 160 million.

Anxiety and its consequences – heart disease, diabetes, digestive disorders, stroke, as well as such social problems as domestic violence, divorce, disability, drug use and suicide – can all be the result of an overloaded nervous system. Since this condition of the psyche impacts the patient’s personal relationships, it presents a significant burden for those living in their vicinity, which causes the risk to increase throughout society.

This is why the spread of nervous exhaustion needs to be stopped, and new methods must be found to reduce this escalating risk. Bioelectrochemistry could be a new road to walk for medicine.

A team of Hungarian and international researchers and engineers has based a new method on the physiological processes of sleep. We know that the body regenerates itself every day. You are tired, go to bed at night and wake up rested in the morning. You get strength despite the fact that you do not provide your body with any energy. How does this happen? All of this is based on the reorganisation of Self Signs, the team’s director, Attila Erdőfi-Szabó, said. During the calm state of sleep the nervous system is able to synchronise the chemical, physical and psychological processes again, which makes the body calm, organised, strong and fresh by morning.

Recognition and use of Self Signs in self-correction is the know-how of the team. These are basically electrochemical signals governing the body. One hundred years after their discovery we are able to see the electrical potential of the body’s chemical processes on electrocardiogram (ECG) and EEG waves, said the director, adding that as time passes and technology evolves, the electronics become more sophisticated, which provide the basis for further steps.

The first-generation device developed ten years ago was able to provide physiological treatments, now the special machinery can be used for more specific purposes. In recent years, the team has achieved considerable success in the field of sustaining the health of the nervous system. The comfort one has after two 60-minute treatments significantly improves, and the results are permanent.

The relaxed state has beneficial effects on the body’s chemical balance, physical performance and immune processes. The new method actually helps to sort out and harmonise the psychological and biochemical processes, similarly to how the conductor manages the orchestra, or the sound engineer organises music. This entirely new method was tested in the world’s most advanced biophysics institute in Obninsk. Live animal trials revealed a significant increase in stem cell production, which could decrease recovery time and the risk of complications with a limited number of treatments.

Over the past years the team of medical experts experienced sustained success in treatment of illnesses as well. The method using factors of self-regeneration achieved miraculous results in cases of epilepsy, sleep disorders, fear and hyperactivity in children. By supporting the physical and psychological balance, the device may even help support the work of military and emergency response units. For the next year the aim of the manufacturer and developer team is to integrate the product in the European Union’s healthcare system, to enhance the well-being of citizens.





Increasing Biological Intelligence is Feasible

Interview with biophysicist Attila Erdőfi-Szabó Ph.D., father of the EMOST method


20 years ago, You came up with a new treatment method: a device that helps patients heal without drugs and risks, through getting the human body’s own genetic regulators to top shape. How did this great success story begin?

– Previously I worked in business journalism, media marketing, film production, TV, banking and economics. But through a twist of fate in Switzerland, where I prepared an economic study of Hungary on commission from the Pan-European Union, I met the ancestor of the current machine, which had promising but untapped potential. After thoroughly learning about the technology with the original owner’s consent and a team of engineers, I made my own version. Work and rapid development started. Along the way, I had the machine manufactured and sold according to my own knowledge and my own usage protocols under the name BioLabor. In a few years, an independent international network of 270 people came about, and today we have 500,000 satisfied clients. Eight years ago we renamed the technology: EMOST – Electro Magnetic Own Signal Treatment. Currently, its 9th generation is used in standardised treatments.

What is the essence of the treatment principle?

– We are able to detect the academically recognised electrical, electromagnetic living signs of the human body called biomarkers, and we can make certain changes to them through the organism itself. In 2020 by a re-reading process we can even replace former, inherited diseases appearing on our genetic map with the unencumbered regulation coming from the other parent’s branch. For example, if diabetes, a digestive or circulatory disorder – inherited from the maternal branch – manifests itself, we can typically switch its genetic regulation to the paternal pattern, provided the given condition is absent from that branch. It looks like we can bring the person to the top genetically, and that’s the future!

How was the device created?

– In 1967, the genius Finnish scientist Ragnar A. Granit received the Nobel Prize in Medicine. After his death, his entire oeuvre was published: the scientific description of the human body’s electrical and electromagnetic information system. On that basis we conducted various researches to reveal the biological background, and we integrated our findings into the device at the time. 90% of the market moved towards the production of diagnostic devices and they did not deal with treatment. Although the path was unknown, we chose to create therapeutic devices, which now have a dual capability: detecting and treating. We programmed it to think and adapt to the subject, so the user doesn’t have to be a Nobel laureate. I have learned and researched a lot, my outstanding teacher and mentor was and still is Prof. Valéria Szedlák-Vadócz, MA. I absorbed knowledge with tremendous energy and openness all over the world: in Austria, Germany, Brazil, Colombia, Kazakhstan, Mongolia, and in India, through Vedic medicine. I have also learned from an excellent Hungarian brain researcher, and observed the kosher and halal regulations, as well as various methods of the European academic medicine. I try to combine these and publish the results on scientific levels. I also use this complex background knowledge in my own treatment programmes.

What are the most common diseases among Your clients?

– In Hungary: anxiety, depression, fear, and their consequences, all the way to stomach cramps and sleep disorders. In Latin areas: zest for life, libido, occasionally spinal and gastrointestinal diseases. In Scandinavian countries and the German territory: neurological ailments, Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis. In the Balkans: digestive problems, cardiovascular and respiratory complaints.

The 9th generation of EMOST is already capable of “thinking”…

– Our control system, completed last year, makes the device think. Its operation absolutely adapts to the subject and gives the actual sufficient help. After a minute or an hour, the device adjusts itself to the more wholesome condition. This own-signal feedback technology treats clients individually, avoiding the under- or overdosing that often occur with medications. The technology, developed for 20 years, allows us to perform fetal level treatments on pregnant women without risk, and it is not disturbed by pacemakers or brain implants.

How many countries did EMOST appear in?

– We are present in 22 countries, in some places with one or two devices, elsewhere with more; for instance, 19-20 devices operate in Colombia’s largest healthcare system. Sometimes I give lectures to medical students on the topic of applied biophysics at the Department of Biophysics of SE. The University of Debrecen is also open to novelties, and all medical university courses must be respected, because they are decisive for further generations of doctors. There was a significant change in education 10 years ago, but unfortunately at least 10 more years are required in daily medical practice for new colleagues show up and a new era to begin.

What is the biggest challenge for You?

– To find ways of self-healing in various illnesses. With my team, we have put together a protocol for treating autism, one of the world’s most horrific diseases. We use the method in hundreds of autistic children in Hungary and significant changes can be achieved with 8-10 (one-hour) treatments. Our technology gave rise to a new concept: Biological Intelligence (BQ). This means that we are able to maximise our own abilities and use our innate genetic capabilities in the best possible way. That is restoration of health without external interference. Pharmacy is kind of a bogeyman for most people. In 20 years, I have not been attacked by any pharmaceutical companies. Instead, I have been invited to professional meetings and, by presenting the technology, I was able to show them innovations which offer new directions of development instead of intensifying competition between them. It might sound unbelievable, but today pharmaceutical companies are concerned about healing and are open to new technology. Health is currently a bigger business than disease. Administrative laws changed three years ago and rid doctors of a great deal of responsibility by redefining the concept of medicine: medications do not cure but compensate with active ingredients. The biggest advantage to our technology is that it keeps the independence of the organism intact, and only some micro points need to be supported later with external agents that the body is unable to treat. The steps of the health management process are: 1. revealing the cause of the disease and the path leading to it (the factors); 2. working on it until we can change each factor; 3. if a solution is found, creating a technology – a special tool – which helps the device implement the solution and finally the body is able to carry it out by evolving itself.

How is the treatment done?

– Since the machine thinks completely on its own, medical supervision is not necessary, only an advantage with such complex processes. Clients check their complaints on a form consisting of 130-140 questions, and if there are no medical records, we perform a thorough investigation. Based on that, the machine can efficiently perform 50-60-minute treatments. It is such an automated process that anyone can treat themselves at home with a simplified version of the machine. I have nearly 7,000 clients, including almost 2,000 children. It is fantastic when a child with a stroke speaks for the first time, a child with muscular atrophy takes the first steps, or an extremely premature baby survives. For 20 years, we have been treating children under the age of 10 free of charge in the domestic and international network. If these children recover from congenital diseases or predispositions, their children will typically no longer inherit the risks that would endanger the next generation, and that’s a wonderful prospect.

What comes after the 9th generation?

– The machine is self-contained now, so even children can treat themselves with it. Obviously, the elite will be the first to use or buy our device for themselves. But later entire sanatoriums may open where subjects can reach their top shape with this method in a month. Over the next 10 years it will be introduced in primary health care in some places where the long-term goal is to make citizens healthy.

What is Your message to people?

– Good times are coming. Sooner or later we will turn away from the extreme accumulation of material wealth, because people will realise that wealth is worthless if we cannot sleep peacefully, if we are tense, if we become terminally ill… We can largely contribute to a good quality of life. The last 40 years have been about gathering boundless knowledge, and the next cycle should be about the clarification of feelings.

DIPLOMATIC MAGAZINE 2020, interview, Attila Dr. ERDŐFI-SZABÓ Ph.D.