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In our procedure the body heals by itself. We are able to connect the body’s regulators in such a way, that allows the system to regenerate itself by using its own resources.
The EMOST, the new, proven medical procedure in neurology can balance and harmonize the regulations, potentiate the cellular metabolism, detection and immune processes in a natural way through the electric- and electromagnetic signals coming from the body’s own range. By doing that it helps the hormonal balance and biochemical homeostasis to recover, and helps for the neurovegetative system by upgrade of control.


Neurological treatments


This therapy of three sessions improves brain capacity by brain segments harmonisation and aiding the absorption and utilization of several inner vitamins and minerals (such as chromium, selenium, Q10, magnesium, iron, folic acid, and lecithin) that are important to the brain. After this therapy there will be a favorable change and improvement in the parasympathetic system, cognitive function and memory recall as well as in oxygen and nutrient supply to the right brain by reducing the level of stress hormones. Recommended for those who suffer from day-dreaming and absent-mindedness, as well as those who continually procrastinate or have a generalized feeling of anxiety. This treatment, combined with Antidepressant, can help reduce stuttering, and combined with Hormones will help you feel more in control of your Life.


This therapy contains five sessions that help to restore psychological balance, relieve stress, and promote happiness and optimism. Long-term mood repair is provided by increasing psychic balance. Self-confidence and dynamism will replace anxieties and fears. You will feel lighter as you begin to let go of psychological problems that you carry from the past. Lighter and more optimistic, you will be able to let go and live joyfully again. Recommended for those who are under permanent stress, who suffer from mental exhaustion, lethargy, recurrent depression, negative feelings, disturbed sleep patterns, agitated and shallow breathing. Because of the long-term beneficial effects of this therapy the cost of, and dependence on, drugs such as antidepressants can be reduced.

Cardiac (heart) function

This three and one reminder psyhchosomatic based session’s therapy is designed to support cardiac function. It affects the myocardium, pericardium, and blood flow to enhance the inner psychological state. It is a very beneficial therapy, suitable even for pacemaker users, and is worth doing at least once for everybody. Recommended for those with a high risk for heart attack, congestion, shortness of breath, high blood pressure (hypertension), and abnormally fast resting heart rate (tachycardia).


This is a therapy of three plus one reminder treatments to relieve certain stressors that trigger certain habits, and to reduce addiction. We focus on known stressors to overcome the habit, thus relieving psychological pressure. By daily treatments we promote excretion and the elimination of the active substance (e.g. nicotine monoxide, alcohol, etc.) to ease the craving sensation. Patients are mentally able to let the substances go. Increased water intake and compliance with the recommended diet can help patients to overcome their addictions and to relieve their body. The therapy is recommended for those who want to cut down on excessive consumption of such stimulants as coke and other artificial soft drinks, junk food, energy drinks, coffee, cigarettes, and to reduce other health risks.

Hormones, steroids

Steroids function in the body like dials on a radio. They help control metabolism, inflammation, immune functions, and the ability to withstand illness and injury. This treatment of four sessions is used to treat excessive emotional ups and downs and restore emotional balance. The hormone-transmitters rendering emotions will deliver clearly and abundantly and recipients will become more receptive.

Chronic tiredness

The therapy consists of four plus three reminder treatments which refresh those subsystems that are responsible for sudden and/or frequent fatigue. The efficiency of metabolism increases, so less nutrition is sufficient to produce good energy levels. The improvement of absorption of the missing elements increases alertness. The therapy is recommended for chronic fatigue, insomnia (sleeping disorders), frequent nocturnal awakening, or the very strong need of an afternoon nap after meal.

Other treatments



Panic attack

Combat stress


Phantom limb pain


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