EMOST therapy method

The-EMOST-therapy-2014 (PDF, 7 MB) *This procedure based by Nobel Prize awarded scientific works.

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The new proven procedure, Electro-Magnetic Own Signal Therapy

In our procedure the body heals by itself (EMOST know-how). We are able to connect the body’s regulators in such a way (EMOST know-how), that allows the system to regenerate itself by using its own resources.

The method utilizes a connection of bidirectional communication (EMOST know-how) between skin cells and the nervous system, because the skin is sophisticated sensory organ, mediates infinite numbers of stimulus. The equipment uses signals (EMOST know-how) via free nerve endings of skin, uses the autonomous and central nervous system’s signal ways. It works continously interacive contact (EMOST know-how) by the body under treatment, over 40-55 minuts, it can parallel and continually refine the body’s self-controlling and self-regulation processes.

Benefits of procedure

The EMOST personal Own Signal Therapy helps to adjust and regulate directly the basic physiological and psychical flows via bio-electrochemical re-synchronisation and re-calibration.

Used personal own signal

I am myself, an individual being, a unique identity! As proof of that, we can see that our fingerprints remain unchanged throughout our lives, while our signature, our handwriting, may change depending on our temporary state, although our identities can still be recognized in them.

Personal signals also contain changing and unchanging elements. The permanent elements are genetic characteristics, propensities, imprints, inherent behavioural patterns, while the temporary elements are the results of momentary emotional and biological processes. When the balance between them is disturbed, failures occur in control, resulting in stress and anxiety, replacing health with illness.



The EMOST like a bio-engineer

The Electro-Magnetic Own Signal Therapy (EMOST) indicates the systematic diversion (extra-sense detection) and thematic recirculation (EMOST know-how) of extremely low intensity, electric- and electro-magnetic live personal signals (similarly to ECG and EEG signals, may potentials) of subjects skin, which belong to the person’s various biological, physical, psychical and genetical processes.

The device detects internal signals of body, some signals selecting (EMOST know-how) out of this conglomeration, and makes variations of chosen signals (EMOST know-how). The thematic real-time recirculation (EMOST know-how) is extrem-low intensity amplification or attenuation of selected signal-sequence, as an sound-engineer doing with equalizer for better sonority.

The genetic re-reading

Up until our discovery, we used one genetic pathway to tackle problems, even though both genetic abilities are equally and constantly present in our cells. What if the organism tried to use another, better regulatory pattern?

We only ask the body if there is any other alternative that might be better than the usual? The organism starts self-monitoring, reads through its library and if something is found, gives it a try. If it proves to be more effective, it will start to apply it. This self-monitoring is natural. We only ask. There is no need for medication, injection, operation or pain. The body simply rebuilds itself from its own reserves and gets itself in top shape. This is what we call BQ.


The original signal and thoose variations (EMOST know-how) transmittings back on skin, than the skin sensors detects internal signals out of external surface. The nervous system detect and sensoring, controlling those immadiately as information and coherency natural based energy, than utilizes them according to healing and energy benefit.


The EMOST modulated signals are live, actual, effective, still analogues non-linear, non-digitalized, real-based, natural-based (EMOST know-how).

The Electro-Magnetic Own Signal Therapy is a new concept in medical science, which was until now a missing link in health sciences. With our apparatus we are capable of identifying the permanent and temporary elements of the individual’s own signal in a unique way, then synchronizing them once again, thus restoring their balance.

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