EMOST therapy basic information

The-EMOST-therapy-2014 (PDF, 7 MB)  *This procedure based by Nobel Prize awarded scientific works.

Basic information

In our procedure the body heals by itself (EMOST know-how). We are able to connect the body’s regulators in such a way (EMOST know-how), that allows the system to regenerate itself by using its own resources.

The method utilizes a connection of bidirectional communication (EMOST know-how) between skin cells and the nervous system, because the skin is sophisticated sensory organ, mediates infinite numbers of stimulus. The equipment uses signals (EMOST know-how) via free nerve endings of skin, uses the autonomous and central nervous system’s signal ways. It works continously interacive contact (EMOST know-how) by the body under treatment, over 40-55 minuts, it can parallel and continually refine (EMOST know-how) the body’s self-controlling and self-regulation processes.

Basic information to patient

Optimal number of treatments would be five, six, optimal periods in cure once a week, recommended repeat 1-2 years (EMOST know-how), price/treatment is 80 EUR, 95 USD, cure is cca. 400 EUR/disease.Basic information to service

The device is high-tech and easy-to use, personal production, selling directly, automated (EMOST know-how), well-indicated, no chemical input, its principle is the body’s non-defence mechanism, doesn’t use any artificial electric- and electromagnetic signals under sessions, happens personal electro-chemical balancing only under session (EMOST know-how), this natural based signal can guarantee extreme low risks, because it works under the natural range of the body (EMOST know-how).Warranty two years, operation 15000 hours, exclusive education for using not needed but helps the biological basics of mechanism in the technical understanding, this needs 20 hours.

Codes of competence of health professions (6/2012.(II.14) HU/EU):

9400 preventive- and public health care, 8717 complementer electrophysiological care, 5704 physiotherapy, 5722 electro-physiotherapy, 8046 reflexzone therapy, 6400 general medical care, 0100 general internal medical care, 0903 rehabilitation of neurology. EMOST Redox 1.1 medical device certified (2011-2013) 1979, directive 93/42/EEC)The device: favourable price in treatments and in device investment. The general numbers of patients per day would be six, which would mean 30 people per week, who comes weekly, summa 5-6 times.

The EMOST is a currently unique method at some problematic illnesses, and this procedure may unique of the World in functional sophistication and quality.


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