EMOST therapy basic information

EMOST-MED-2020 ENG (PDF, 5 MB)  *This procedure based by Nobel Prize awarded scientific works.


The Nobel Prize-winning study of Ragnar Granit confirmed our research that the human organism is way more than merely the combination of chemical processes. According to the discovery, all chemical processes are supervised by information processes that are basically signals of electromagnetic nature. We need to look for these signals as the own signs of the organism as a whole. If we find the living signal, we’ll be able to affect processes, just like a conductor. “The human body is as ‘simple’ as a perfect machine, and as organized as a corporation.”Dr. Prof. Bruce Lipton

How can we find a specific, living signal in a forever-changing, dynamic biological process? Well, this is our own know-how, but we can tell you this: we need to address it in the “crowd” and it’s going to come forward.


Scientific proof

Bioelectromagnetic signal feedback, or neuro-feedback is the two-way information system of the human body. It creates a transceiver connection on a molecular level, DNA/RNA level, cellular level, and on the level of the entire organism. All that is regulatory is a specificity of such EM (electromagnetic) signal clusters.

To prove that the faults in the information system of the human body can be repaired, we took the so-called phantom limb phenomenon as an example, which often happens after the amputation of a limb. Phantom limb is a pain stimulus originating from a non-existent limb.

Nobody’s had any palpable, let alone final result so far in resolving this neurological deficiency. Except us. We realized that the human body is constantly emitting its own living information signals, monitors them, then memorizes each state. This “memory” is temporarily stored on the neurons and on the RNA of the cells of the different organs, then it’s transmitted to the DNA after cell division (transferring genetic material, mitosis, meiosis). If we managed to overwrite this “memory” of the aching limb and provoke a living, real perception, then this would prove the reparability of the information system of the human body, thus helping millions of patients worldwide. We did it. We had a scientific breakthrough of being able to create alternative neural pathways. (April 2003, publication in 2010)

The scientific community (neurology) is interested in all new discoveries that show tangible results in the field of brain research. Diagnostic and scanner devices have already perceived living bioelectric signals (ECG, EEG), but none of them have been able to treat neural regulation successfully and permanently. (scientific report, 9th International Biophysicist Congress)

We know the solution



What would you say if you could use only the good attributes of your genetic heritage instead of the disadvantageous ones? We realized that if we re-read our gene maps in case of a certain disease, it might be possible to find a solution for that disease on the other parental side. In order to do this, we only need to find and open the library, and the body will be able to apply it, since both parents’ genetic regulatory patterns are present in a child as default. We managed to find it.

In the moment of conception, we receive a Maternal genetic composition (A), followed by a Paternal genetic composition (B), and as a third element, the Common genetic composition (AB) is created. The three add up to the Child itself (A+B+AB=Child). We might inherit the susceptibility to diabetes from one side, even though it was never there on the other side.


We are encoded

The genetic pattern, from which a certain organ’s functioning is selected, is not clear yet. What we see however, is that the human body is capable of change, if it has the opportunity. The feedback of our own, living biological regulatory signals sets off an automatic biological self-control, same as when we look in a mirror and immediately adjust our clothes to restore the harmony. Our genetic memory works the same way.

*Electrical stimuli on the synapses of the neurons are encoded with the rhythm of myelins covering the synapses just like Morse code – that’s how they get on the memory cells. Later, during the “recall” process, it’s enough to recall the stored code, and the memory stimuli will look for identical myelin-rhythm neurons, on which the stimuli runs backwards and the memory will appear. (Erdőfi Ph.D. know-how)

When looking for a new genetic regulation for a certain problem, we search these special DNA/RNA codes and lead the organism to re-read the genome with the involvement of both parental sides. That’s how we manage to reach stem cell formation and recovery from chronic diseases. After IQ (intelligence) and EQ (emotional intelligence), comes BQ (biological intelligence). Remember this term- this is the first time you’ve heard it.

The opportunity lies within us



1-GLOBE-STAMP-sm2Biological intelligence (BQ)

What do we inherit? Will there be a cure for a congenital disease when it appears in our adulthood? Biological Intelligence quotient (BQ) is a higher level of problem-solving ability.

Up until our discovery, we used one genetic pathway to tackle problems, even though both genetic abilities are equally and constantly present in our cells. What if the organism tried to use another, better regulatory pattern? Would it be in top shape? How would you like that?

We chose a gentle method. We only ask the body if there is any other alternative that might be better than the usual? The organism starts self-monitoring, reads through its library and if something is found, gives it a try. If it proves to be more effective, it will start to apply it. This self-monitoring is natural. We only ask. There is no need for medication, injection, operation or pain. The body simply rebuilds itself from its own reserves and gets itself in top shape. This is what we call BQ.


Alternative neural pathways

Biological Intelligence (BQ) means more solutions than usual. The fact that we can involve both parental genetic families for health improvement with re-reading DNA/RNA libraries, is an amazing discovery. But there is something more in Divine Providence, if we look closer. When we re-read the possibilities of genetic regulation, we do it real time, while the organism itself is constantly working and living. How does the organism test and try different variations at the same time then? Well, it opens alternative neural pathways to stimuli and runs other opportunities on these, then finally uses the one which works correctly between two endpoints. Isn’t it wonderful? As natural as several roads leading to the same city.

emostinneuronsNavigation: “Rerouting!”

If there’s an accident on a road, traffic slows down or stops. The system is at a standstill until the situation is resolved or until traffic is diverted to another route. Our method is exactly the same, but in the nervous system. The use of this special method of feedback (EMOST, feedback) is able to set off alternative neural pathways, therefore we’ll have several routes to choose from, and “traffic” will always be smooth and quick in our nervous system. How’d you like that?

Stroke means that life basically ceases to exist in a certain area of the brain. Therefore, some of the abilities of the subject are compromised or completely disappear. During rehabilitation treatments, therapists try to provoke physical movement with forced movements, but until the regulation center is not able to give commands, movement is only passive and directionless, due to the lack of connection between two endpoints. It’s even worse when it happens to our verbal skills, because we cannot make things move physically in that case, can we? What would you say if there would be a technology that reaches back to the memory of the fetal brain cells, where fewer brain cells were responsible for providing all basic functions, including verbal development? This would mean a re-evolution. Thanks to us, this is now possible.

Second chance

Basic genetic patterns are re-activated while the organism lives according to its prompt state. Patterns on the basic genome that are responsible for development are traced back the same time as the actual signals, thus creating new, alternative neural pathways, and inducing old/new development processes. Our special, thinking (analogue) computer keeps re-sending basic development signals until the two-way connection is created between endpoints. Old is reborn, revival happens in 6-8 hours, Life gets a new, second chance.

(EMOST scientific report, Nature Precedings 2010)


Thank God the baby is healthy!

Every parent experiences the anxiety and worry for the health of their future child, even if they did everything they could to bring a healthy baby into this world. Nowadays there is a possibility for parents to be in their best state of health before conception, in order to protect their child’s quality of life from inherited diseases. Preventive risk reduction is a decision affecting future generations.

WHO (World Health Organization) reports yearly on global demographic changes (WHO – Green book), including the health situation of different countries and the changes of health risks. For almost 20 years, diseases related to the nervous system show the highest frequency and the highest costs.

Luxury. Health is a luxury that we take for granted, and later we’d give anything to get it back. Now there is a way to refresh our organism within a few hours, reduce the risks of inherited, congenital and acquired diseases to the minimum, and to enjoy our lives in the best possible shape.

In the past decade, we have been working on curing patients suffering from neurological diseases in a matter of hours*. We managed to find solutions that the human body can acquire and repeat from memory, if necessary. With our technological innovations and excellent engineering team, we created devices that carry out tasks professionally and safely, year after year, in continuous operation, without any malfunction. (15,000 hours of operation with technical guarantee and automatic self-monitoring technical solution). Knowledge and instrument in one hand.

Our newest (GEN9) versions incorporate our entire biological knowledge, biological problem-solving automatics (Neuro-logix algorhythms), adaptability of the device (cyber-feedback), almost a decade of treatment experience, and pre-defined protocols for different situations. “Health is only a button-press away.”