EMOST scientific advirsory board

István BÓKKON Ph.D., Chief Scientific Consulting of BioLabor Biophysical- and Laboratories Services Ltd., Budapest, Hungary, Professor at Vision Research Institute (USA) Pharmacology, Semmelweis University (2007-2012), Chemical and bioengineer, Technical University of Budapest, Member of Hungarian Biochemical Society, Member of Hungarian Biophysical Society, Member of European Biophysical Societies Association, Member of the Editorial Board of Activitas Nervosa Superior, Member of the Editorial Board of Current Neuropharmacology, Guest editor in Current Neuropharmacology,

Dr. Attila TILL, surgeon, head of department National Institute for Medical Rehabilitation Amputation Department, Budapest, Hungary,

Róbert BALÁZS Ph.D., NATO Centre of Excellence for Military Medicine, Lessons Learned Branch Acting Branch Chief, Budapest, Hungary,

Katalin SZALAY Ph.D, neurologist,

Dr. György SZILÁGYI MD., expert in forensic medicine of FIFA

Prof. Anatoly G. KONOPLYANNIKOV Ph.D., D. Sc., Head of Depart. of Cell and Experimental Radiation Therapy Federal Medical Radiological Research Center of Russian Ministry of Health (The Winner of Russian Goverment Prize on Science and Technology),

Zoltán SÁROSI, Ret. Police Lieutenant-Colonel, Founder member of Hungarian Police Antiterror Unit, Branch Chief of Training Master Trainer of Special Units, Budapest, Hungary,

Dr. Gábor KOLONICS, Hungarian Millitary Hospital, Assistant-head of Ambulance Department, Budapest, Hungary, Multinational Forces and Observers Sinai Mission-surgeon (from 2000 to 2001) NATO Skopje HQ surgeon (2003),

Dr. Prof. George POPPER, President of International Bodyguard and Security Services Association, Executive President and Professor of International Budo Academy,

Prof. Dr. Ágnes VALLÓ, psychologist, teacher of psycho-somatology,

Prof. András SZÉLL Ph.D., haemologist,

Prof. Dr. Gyula SIMON, mycologist

Attila Dr. ERDŐFI-SZABÓ, biophysycist (Ph.D.), CEO, Developer

“The more we know about the functioning of the human body, the more we admire the brilliant simplicity of the Creator and thank for the simplicity of Life and healing”.