EMOST Own Signal Therapy outcomes

01-feedbackThe personal Own Signal treatment is carried taking these individual differences into consideration, first synchronizing the individual characteristics, the Personal Signals, thus improving efficiency, then improving control of the nervous system by reorganizing psychic and biological behavioural patterns, the so-called imprints.

*illustration, general flow is from genetical- and epigenetical imprints too



The new cybernetic procedure, Electro-Magnetic Own Signal Therapy


In our procedure the body heals by itself (EMOST know-how). We are able to connect the body’s regulators in such a way (EMOST know-how), that allows the system to regenerate itself by using its own resources.

The method utilizes a connection of bidirectional communication (EMOST know-how) between skin cells and the nervous system, because the skin is sophisticated sensory organ, mediates infinite numbers of stimulus. The equipment uses signals (EMOST know-how) via free nerve endings of skin, uses the autonomous and central nervous system’s signal ways. It works continously interacive contact (EMOST know-how) by the body under treatment, over 40-55 minuts, it can parallel and continually refine the body’s self-controlling and self-regulation processes.


Benefits of procedure:

The EMOST personal Own Signal Therapy helps to adjust and regulate directly the basic physiological and psychical flows via bio-electrochemical re-synchronisation and re-calibration.


The following are the outcomes of our treatments:

1. return of optimism (+40-70%)

2. composure (+15-30%)

3. ability to concentrate improves (+25-50%)

4. increased perception (+3-25%)

5. improved performance (+3-25%)

6. increase of efficiency (+10-15%)

7. increased accuracy of judgement (+15-25%)

8. faster reaction time (+3-15%)

9. improved stress tolerance (+40-70%)

10. harmonic genital life

11. tranquillity of mind, a feeling of ease

12. improved vitality (+15-40%)



What would you say if you could use only the good attributes of your genetic heritage instead of the disadvantageous ones? We realized that if we re-read our gene maps in case of a certain disease, it might be possible to find a solution for that disease on the other parental side. In order to do this, we only need to find and open the library, and the body will be able to apply it, since both parents’ genetic regulatory patterns are present in a child as default. We managed to find it.


In the moment of conception, we receive a Maternal genetic composition (A), followed by a Paternal genetic composition (B), and as a third element, the Common genetic composition (AB) is created. The three add up to the Child itself (A+B+AB=Child). We might inherit the susceptibility to diabetes from one side, even though it was never there on the other side.

The genetic pattern, from which a certain organ’s functioning is selected, is not clear yet. What we see however, is that the human body is capable of change, if it has the opportunity. The feedback of our own, living biological regulatory signals sets off an automatic biological self-control, same as when we look in a mirror and immediately adjust our clothes to restore the harmony. Our genetic memory works the same way.

*Electrical stimuli on the synapses of the neurons are encoded with the rhythm of myelins covering the synapses just like Morse code – that’s how they get on the memory cells. Later, during the “recall” process, it’s enough to recall the stored code, and the memory stimuli will look for identical myelin-rhythm neurons, on which the stimuli runs backwards and the memory will appear.

When looking for a new genetic regulation for a certain problem, we search these special DNA/RNA codes and lead the organism to re-read the genome with the involvement of both parental sides. That’s how we manage to reach stem cell formation and recovery from chronic diseases. After IQ (intelligence) and EQ (emotional intelligence), comes BQ (biological intelligence). Remember this term- this is the first time you’ve heard it.


Extreme references

The human body can demonstrate miraculous recoveries – we only need to awake it and get it into the best shape. This is now possible. The existence and recognition of Biological Intelligence (BQ) open up new horizons. With our method, the regulators of the organism are able to enter in the range of action potential, therefore underactive or hyperstimulation processes can be constrained within the normal threshold values, and regenerative processes can run through.

One of the main advantages of our Own Signal feedback method is opening new neural pathways. It’s able to sense regulatory stimulus in extreme cases as well, and reboot the nervous system by opening alternative synapses and by re-reading RNA/DNA libraries, leading vital signals even in the state of waking coma.

Similarly to our NATO-supervised case study presenting S.W.A.T. soldiers’ performance improvement, we managed to reach increased performance with professional athletes as well. We did it with the enhancement of the body’s peak performance, in a natural way that does not count as doping. The increase of BQ (Biological Intelligence) with the optimization of all factors of our own DNA/RNA regulation produces better results (+3- 7%), faster recovery, better concentration and a relaxed emotional state during competitions. Several Hungarian world champions, Olympians and European champions speak highly of this method.

Our most amazing successes however are related to the recovery of children suffering from diseases. (Placebo effect is practically impossible at this age). Perinatal hypoxia, muscular dystrophy, walking and moving disability are all fading away, giving way to a new life. In the past decade, we conducted our treatments free of charge, because we believe that financial status should not affect our state of health. We wanted our subjects to lead the way for future generations. Our research and development in 2017-2019 on the course therapy treatments of hypotonia, stuttering and autism, their 8-10-hour feedback protocol and licensing were all successful. We did it!

Our discoveries, research results and protected technological solutions encourage us to spread our method. The more than 15 years routines of our devices operating in daily practices are ready to expand internationally. The world -first and foremost the elite- is waiting for drug-free biological peak performance.

(Our scientific insights can lead the way to the creation of other methods, our 18-year advantage, however, will always be our forte.)

Believe us when we say that the dream of Leonardo Da Vinci can finally come true. The human organism is an autonomous unit, a system capable of independence. Unreasonable substance and drug consumption reduces the organism’s natural self-reliance and problem-solving ability. The time will soon come when everyone will get their bodies in the best possible shape on their own, and only use external intervention if absolutely necessary. We might be the first who want to preserve human health in its autonomy until it’s possible.

Our aim is to internationally implement our Longlife program in high-tech heathl/medical centers, thematic or anti-aging sanatoriums, themed boarding camps -such as camphill designed for children with autism- with professionally assigned experience points.

Thank you for dedicating your time to know us better! We hope to return the favor soon!

Best regards,

Attila Dr. Erdőfi-Szabó, biophysycist (Ph.D., MD. Sci.) boss @ emost-med . com
Facebook: Attila DrErdofi Szabo, medical cases and privat praxis, day per day


EMOST personal Own Signal treatment, a method focusing on the individual.

*this method recognized by medical science from 2010