EMOST Own Signal Therapy outcomes

Everyone frets or feels anxious from time to time. Physical and emotional symptoms of anxiety include muscle tension, feeling of fullness in the throat or chest, breathlessness or rapid heartbeat, and feeling uncertainty. Why?

As a therapy, the EMOST personal Own Signal treatment is a transition between the non-physical processes such as thoughts and emotions and their chemical and physical manifestations, like hormones. Many people claim that they feel well instead of ill with low blood pressure. Thus, we can assume that the national standard value is an approximation which can vary individually. This specific value that characterizes the individual is their Personal Signal.

01-feedbackThe personal Own Signal treatment is carried taking these individual differences into consideration, first synchronizing the individual characteristics, the Personal Signals, thus improving efficiency, then improving control of the nervous system by reorganizing psychic and biological behavioural patterns, the so-called imprints.

*illustration, general flow is from genetical- and epigenetical imprints too



The new cybernetic procedure, Electro-Magnetic Own Signal Therapy


In our procedure the body heals by itself (EMOST know-how). We are able to connect the body’s regulators in such a way (EMOST know-how), that allows the system to regenerate itself by using its own resources.

The method utilizes a connection of bidirectional communication (EMOST know-how) between skin cells and the nervous system, because the skin is sophisticated sensory organ, mediates infinite numbers of stimulus. The equipment uses signals (EMOST know-how) via free nerve endings of skin, uses the autonomous and central nervous system’s signal ways. It works continously interacive contact (EMOST know-how) by the body under treatment, over 40-55 minuts, it can parallel and continually refine the body’s self-controlling and self-regulation processes.


Benefits of procedure:

The EMOST personal Own Signal Therapy helps to adjust and regulate directly the basic physiological and psychical flows via bio-electrochemical re-synchronisation and re-calibration.


The following are the outcomes of our treatments:

1. return of optimism (+40-70%)

2. composure (+15-30%)

3. ability to concentrate improves (+25-50%)

4. increased perception (+3-25%)

5. improved performance (+3-25%)

6. increase of efficiency (+10-15%)

7. increased accuracy of judgement (+15-25%)

8. faster reaction time (+3-15%)

9. improved stress tolerance (+40-70%)

10. harmonic genital life

11. tranquillity of mind, a feeling of ease

12. improved vitality (+15-40%)


This is our health offer for you!

Backed up by our ten years of experience, we can guarantee all these outcomes through our treatments, with which we aim to achieve and maintain your full satisfaction.










EMOST personal Own Signal treatment, a method focusing on the individual.

*this method recognized by medical science