1-digital body analysis-DBA

Before treatment

Disease or death is often the result of dysfunction of homeostatic mechanisms. Understanding the body’s processes and functions is clearly fundamental to the intelligent practice of medicine.

To archieve a proper diagnosis and suggest appropiate treatment, sometimes doctors need support from laboratory and cabinet studies that allow a deeper analysis of the clinical context of each patient.

The goal of this procedure is to measure several physiological parameters from the different main regulatory mechanism of the body.

The medical device is sim­i­lar to an elec­troen­cephalo­gram (EEG) or elec­tro­car­dio­gram (ECG). It is a com­bi­na­tion of non-invasive bioim­ped­ance sen­sors that send a slight elec­tri­cal impulse through the extracellular fluid of the body and mea­sures the ease or dif­fi­culty with which the cur­rent trav­els.

Examination and subsequent treatment is our specialty. Our speciality is that we use rapid and accurate methods for patients from military and civilian areas, where the demand for it is the greatest.

The medical electro-chemical screening process quickly and comprehensively examines the body, shows the risks and their volume with great accuracy efficient patient management and facilitating the exploration of the causes of the disease.

0001-eis-full3Customers like the test as it examines without penetration, and cerebral vascular, neurological status, hormonal evaluation are parts of the process, too. If there is change in status it will also be recognized. The summary for doctors is text evaluation, and for patients the spectacular 3D motion pictures. Test time is 45 minutes. In case of appropriate background, we undertake the presentation of test method abroad as well as coaching, networking and customer service.



A fully monitoring evaluation with results that are available immediately.

Ensures a safe, reliable and unbiased evaluation with no side effects.

Increases patient compliance by visually communicating results.

Increases patient referrals to a doctor / practice.

Increases office organisations and save time.

Reduces information intake time when using this cutting edge technology.